CIMC Modular Building Systems

Moulding the foundation of efficiency in new construction

During the past 15 years, KKA and CIMC MBS have developed a symbiotic relationship based around the principles of Architectural expression within the parameters of volumetric construction. In order to achieve best value for clients, the KKA / CIMC team process building layout proposals. Through the application of specific optimization manoeuvres, greater efficiencies in standardization and repetition are allowed whilst retaining the original architectural character intended.

In addition to the Stage 2 / 3 optimization process, KKA is embedded within the Stage 4 technical approvals process acting as an integral intermediary between global design teams and the primary manufacturing facility in China. This smooths the process of translation of Chinese to English construction-to-manufacturing practices and standards, and creates the best, highest quality product available.

CIMC Modular Building Systems

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