River Street Tower Student Accommodation

Instantly recognisable design developed in the heart of the city.

River Street Tower is the latest development for Downing students located in the Heart of Manchester next to Mancunian Way.

The scheme comprises of 792 student bedrooms within a 32-storey building encompassing three distinct volumes.

The surrounding urban landscape, Manchester’s railway heritage, and the vibrant art community are pillars of culture in the city. KKAI mirrored these elements and developed bespoke digital graphics applied throughout the social spaces. This injects a strong sense of identity to the material palette which is instantly recognisable.

The state-of-the-art social areas offer a collective space to lounge, study, dine, game, and entertain with an eclectic, relaxed style to encourage engagement and interaction.

River Street Tower Student Accommodation

An eclectic,

relaxed style

mirroring an artistic

and industrial heritage